GFF 2012: Avé (Konstantin Bojanov, 2011)

February 14, 2012

This screened as part of the Glasgow Youth Film Festival, directly preceding the main Glasgow Film Festival.

Bulgarian film Avé is the fiction feature debut of its director Konstantin Bojanov. A road movie, it is concerned with two hitchhiking youths whose paths collide, leading them to travel together to a small town close to the Romanian border for the wake of the friend of one of them. The boy, Kamen, meets eponymous girl Avé at road side, both intrigued and repelled by her tendency to lie her way in and out of situations. Latching to him despite his attempts to escape her during his journey, she constantly reinvents a new story for their relationship and her past for everyone they meet, when they in fact don’t even know each other’s names. Never warning Kamen of her detours into fiction, she paints the boy as both her brother, her perverted boyfriend, and the grieving relative of a soldier killed in Iraq, while she paints herself as whatever she deems necessary to get ahead or to morbidly satisfy those she encounters…

Full review at Sound on Sight


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