EIFF 2012: Hospitalité (Koji Fukada, 2010)

June 25, 2012

Hospitalité opens with the slow introduction of the family of Mikio Kobayashi, a man running a print business through his home. He lives with his young second wife Natsuki, his daughter Eriko, and sister Seiko, who has returned following a recent divorce. Bar the disappearance of a pet bird, there seems little dramatic about their sleepy suburb existence, though local community watch members endlessly fret about homeless people or foreigners seeping into the neighbourhood. Things change relatively quickly and drastically with the arrival of the mysterious Kagawa. An initially helpful seeming presence, Kagawa arrives at the household having seemingly found their lost bird, but through circumstance and smooth talking ends up becoming a live-in employee. He promptly brings an aloof blonde woman to stay with him without permission, explaining that she is his wife; the white Annabelle, who is barely able to speak Japanese, claims to be from both Brazil and Bosnia on two separate occasions. Step by step, the enigmatic couple subvert the relationships between the host and his family members, and introduce increasingly bothersome attributes and additional guests to the household…

Full review at Sound on Sight


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