The CineSkinny 2013

April 15, 2013


It occurred to me that I should probably have made a post chronicling the issues of The CineSkinny that I helped edit two months back. So this is that post. The CineSkinny is an offshoot of The Skinny that runs daily throughout the Glasgow Film Festival. I was part of the editorial team this year, as well as a contributor.

Issue 1, 14 February 2013
Issue 2, 15 Feb
Issue 3, 16 Feb
Issue 4, 17 Feb
Issue 5, 18 Feb (Featuring my review of Compliance)
Issue 6, 19 Feb
Issue 7, 20 Feb
Issue 8, 21 Feb (Featuring my review of The Thieves)
Issue 9, 22 Feb (Featuring my review of A Late Quartet)
Issue 10, 23 Feb (Featuring my reviews of The History of Future Folk and Vito)
Issue 11, 24 Feb

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser


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