Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski, 2013)

April 18, 2013


Oblivion is what one might classify as an amalgamation sci-fi. Though many a contemporary feature in the genre is in clear debt to a prior work, Oblivion is one such example where the narrative similarities and likely intentional visual references cover a particularly wide array of films and literature, including WALL-E, La Jetée, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mad Max, Jin-Roh, I Am Legend, and one particular sci-fi of the past decade that simply mentioning would probably provoke likely guesses of a major plot development in one’s mind before seeing the film. Relating to director Joseph Kosinski’s own short filmography, M83’s score for this film even feels like a retread, albeit a still pleasant listen, of Daft Punk’s work for TRON: Legacy. This is not to suggest that Oblivion is unworthy of consideration because it has so many recognisable beats. Though the elements are familiar, the film doesn’t feel like a deliberate attempt to lazily, derivatively ape. Execution is what matters with tried concepts, and Oblivion is definitely a passionately realised creation…

Full review at Sound on Sight


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