My Month in Films: December 2014

January 2, 2015


40 films, 29 first time viewings

Best first time viewings
1. The Immigrant (James Gray, 2013, USA)
2. Le Bonheur (Agnès Varda, 1965, France)
3. What’s Up, Doc? (Peter Bogdanovich, 1972, USA)
4. Equinox Flower (Yasujirô Ozu, 1958, Japan)
5. Starred Up (David Mackenzie, 2013, UK)
6. Fort Apache (John Ford, 1948, USA)
7. Paddington (Paul King, 2014, UK/France)
8. Cul-de-sac (Roman Polanski, 1966, UK)
9. Life Itself (Steve James, 2014, USA)
10. The Doom Generation (Gregg Araki, 1995, USA/France)


11. Whiplash (Damien Chazelle, 2014, USA)
12. Record of a Tenement Gentleman (Yasujirô Ozu, 1947, Japan)
13. Remember the Night (Mitchell Leisen, 1940, USA)
14. Man’s Castle (Frank Borzage, 1933, USA)
15. Winter Sleep (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2014, Turkey/France/Germany)

Best rewatches
2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968, USA/UK)
Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982, USA/Hong Kong/UK)
It’s a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946, USA)
Black Christmas (Bob Clark, 1974, Canada)
The World’s End (Edgar Wright, 2013, UK/USA/Japan)
Skyfall (Sam Mendes, 2012, UK/USA)
Ocean’s Eleven (Steven Soderbergh, 2001, USA)
Cinderella (Clyde Geronimi/Wilfred Jackson/Hamilton Luske, 1950, USA)

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (Tom Harper, 2015, UK/Canada)



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