GFF 2015: Still Alice (Richard Glatzer/Wash Westmoreland, 2014)

February 20, 2015

Still Alice deviates from most dramas concerned with Alzheimer’s in adopting the point of view of the sufferer, rather than devastated loved ones. Julianne Moore plays Alice, a 50-year-old linguistics professor diagnosed with inheritable early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Big fans of Moore’s brand of damaged women might find traces of her career cornerstones – the likes of Safe – in Still Alice. It’s a mesmerising performance, quietly devastating rather than showy. At times her work’s subtleties feel like a rebellion against the potentially cheesy directions taken by the screenplay, such as one speech to the Alzheimer’s Association which could so easily feel like awards showreel-bait in the hands of a less assertive performer…

Click for the full review for The Skinny/The CineSkinny


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