Beyond the Reach (Jean-Baptiste Léonetti, 2014)

July 31, 2015


Adapted from Robb White’s novel, Deathwatch, Beyond the Reach sees a revival of that now classic conceit of The Most Dangerous Game: man hunting man.

Michael Douglas is Madec, a high-rolling corporate shark taking a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert. Jeremy Irvine is Ben, his poor, young guide from a local town, who’s going through hard times with his childhood sweetheart, now off at college elsewhere in the country. While out on the trip, Madec accidentally shoots a surprise human visitor from afar. He bribes Ben to keep mum about the incident, but Ben has a personal attachment to the deceased and wants to tell the authorities. With a big deal pending with Chinese investors, Madec naturally thinks manslaughter or murder charges might not be the best publicity. And so Ben swiftly ends up as the next target of Madec’s high-powered rifle…

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