FrightFest 2015: Demonic (Will Canon, 2015)

August 30, 2015


Demonic, the second feature from director Will Canon, bears a resemblance to many of the horror movies from director James Wan, whose producing credit for this film is slathered all over its marketing. In the vein of Wan’s first two Insidious films and The Conjuring, Demonic is a slick-looking ghost story involving characters who deliberately investigate the paranormal, with recognisable DNA from ghost movies past and a couple of respected actors in prominent parts (here Mario Bello and burgeoning genre favourite Frank Grillo, of The Purge: Anarchy and the Captain America sequels).

The presence of the likes of Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Lili Taylor in the Wan films does wonders to help forgive some of their many shortcomings, and Grillo, in particular, acts as that same sort of anchor in Demonic. The trouble is that there’s even more shortcomings. Demonic doesn’t so much raise hell as it does flatline on the fright front…

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