Mia Madre (Nanni Moretti, 2015)

September 27, 2015

Mia Madre

In Italian director Nanni Moretti’s latest effort, Margherita Buy plays a filmmaker with the same first name, in production on a politically charged drama. She’s a figure that, based on Mia Madre’s script, one suspects makes films like Moretti’s own socially engaged hits (The Son’s Room, Dear Diary). While she’s having a creative crisis on set, even before her self-centred American star (Turturro) turns up to the shoot, a personal crisis is ensuing off set, as she’s trying to come to terms with her mother dying in hospital.

Moretti (who has a screenplay credit and also plays Margherita’s brother) has a tricky balancing act to manage with Mia Madre, being that he swerves from dying parent melodrama to film-shoot comedy. For the most part, it’s a trick he pulls off well. With a precise grasp of his film’s tone, the shifts are gentle and never jarring; as events unfold, the two shorelines feel like appropriate bedfellows, despite their apparent unsuitability. Part of their successful gelling comes from their thematic similarity: micromanaging and passive-aggressive outbursts might prevent a hitch when making a movie, but they can’t prevent or slow down the death of a loved one…

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One comment

  1. Its a difficult film to review because of its ability to cut through emotionally. Audiences who have not lost a parent may find it slow and may even decide not to see it. But if you have been there, it can shake you up a bit. Great film overall. Drop in for a read at mine.

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