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LFF 2015: Live from New York! (Bao Nguyen, 2015)

October 13, 2015


Anyone looking for a really meaty documentary on a still on-the-air television show may be put off when hearing of extensive involvement of the head honchos behind said property. Even more worrying is also finding out that the 40-year portrait of the series only runs 78 minutes (despite what IMDb may tell you), which doesn’t exactly sound like the most ideal length considering that the documentary is about Saturday Night Live, a television show riddled with myriad controversies, success stories and career implosions over those 40 years. If you have a hunch that Live from New York! might play like little more than a hagiographic, superficial skip through self-serving sound-bites, then… well, you’re absolutely right…

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2 Days in New York (Julie Delpy, 2012)

June 3, 2012

Review originally written for Reel Time, now at Sound on Sight

Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in Paris, which documented her character’s struggling relationship with American boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg) while visiting her home city of Paris, was a rewarding comedy with pleasing one-note simplicity. Arriving five years later and set four years after, 2 Days in New York operates both as a sequel to that film and as a standalone entity. Disregarding the streamlined focus of the first film, this follow-up takes on an array of often soft targets and disappointingly favours a much broader brand of humour that isn’t nearly as successful. Read the rest of this entry ?