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EIFF 2014: Fish & Cat (Shahram Mokri, 2013)

June 23, 2014


The narrative, as it were, of Fish & Cat is told through what appears to be one long, continuous roving shot lasting over two hours in length, in the mode of cinematic experiment popularised by Aleksandr Sokurov’s Russian Ark in 2002. It employs a time-warp motif for the conceit, doubling back on what it has previously shown, either immediately before or sometimes much earlier in the film, to focus in on new topics. Additionally, while single-take experiments like both Silent House horror features may follow a lone protagonist venturing through a given locale, Shahram Mokri’s film crisscrosses between multiple characters across a fairly large plain, weaving its way through both the present and flashbacks while still under the guise of a sustained real time shot, even as space-time paradoxes become something of a regular feature…

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