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Seen Your Video #28: If You Have a Creepy Abandoned Carnival I Am So Fucking On Board

November 1, 2013


On the latest episode of Seen Your Video, Chris Ward and I take close looks at Herc Harvey’s Carnival of Souls, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Jon S. Baird’s Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth. We also discuss some recent viewings, including Prince of Darkness, Broken, Candyman, Enough Said, and Post Tenebras Lux.

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French Film Festival UK: Paris-Manhattan (Sophie Lellouche, 2012)

November 24, 2012

Concerning a Woody Allen obsessive, Paris-Manhattan borrows a central conceit from one of the man’s most beloved writing and acting efforts, albeit not one he directed himself. Instead of the apparition of Humphrey Bogart appearing to deliver advice like in Play It Again, Sam, Allen himself, in the form of a life-size poster and extracts from his films, is the maxim-dispenser of Sophie Lellouche’s debut feature…

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